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The Position of Esther

“The king could not sleep and so he ordered the book of chronicles to be read to him. It was recorded there that Mordecai had exposed the plot against the King”… (Esther 6:1-2)

There have been so many seasons of work in my life. So many different locations and places that the Father has settled me. Some only for months, some for years. I have cleaned, I have been a receptionist, I have been a midwife, in the community and hospital. I have been a teaching assistant, a stay at home mother and a pastor. 

Most of the time I was one of very few Jesus followers in the environment. I learnt early on, especially in midwifery, that I was placed there as an ambassador of the kingdom of God. I remember one day so vividly. I was probably only 23 years old working in a busy London hospital. I was given 2 laboring women to care for as we were short staffed and the labor ward was full. The normal procedure was to assess the most high risk woman first and check her before anything else took place on the shift. Something within me, the still small voice said “go and look at the low risk woman”. I knew it was a prompt of the Holy Spirit and so I obeyed. What I found when I got there was a complex situation in which if I had disobeyed the baby would have been severely brain damaged or worse. 

That day taught me something so profound. 

He is at work in my workplace.

When I think of women in the word who knew the power of their position, I think of Esther. The book is fascinating. Not once does it use God’s name or talk about prayer. And yet, all the way through, the work of God is so evident. It is classically known for the famous line where Mordecai, her cousin challenges her to take a stand and be brave “and who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?


As I was reading Esther today and reflecting on the incredible story I saw something fresh and new. As the enemy is plotting to take out the entire Jewish nation, and Esther is navigating the real possibility that her request to the king might just mean that she loses her own life,  an incredible thing happens….

The king could not sleep and so he ordered the book of chronicles to be read to him. It was recorded there that Mordecai had exposed the plot against the King… (Esther 6:1/2)

This small piece of scripture, potentially overlooked, describes the reach, power and ability of Yahweh. Xerxes was a pagan King. He had no faith. He lived a sinful life. And yet he was prompted to take an action that meant when Esther gave her petition, he was ready to take the right action for the Jewish people. He was used by God even though he did not know him. 

In our workplaces, wherever that may be, and however ‘pagan’ it may feel, the Father can and will work for his purposes. The Father is only limited if we limit him. Imagine what decisions could be influenced, policies made, and what change would happen if we believed in the power of our position, our obedience and the reach of our God. 

Pray this with me:

God, help my heart believe the truth of my position, that like Esther, I am also royalty because I am your daughter. Holy Spirit, help me renew my mind to live from my position of royalty and to never limit an unlimitless God. Help me be swift to obey and know you truly have positioned me in my sphere of influence for such a time as this. 

Questions to journal:

  1. Have you ever experienced a time in your workplace where God gave you an unfair advantage that comes from listening to Him?
  2. Are there places in your life where you have been limiting God?
  3. Ask Him to give you a fresh revelation on your position of royalty.
Annwen Stone
Annwen Stone
Annwen Stone is a Brit living in America. She is married to Andy and has three teenage children, two dogs, and loves to run and walk daily with Jesus to help her stay sane.

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