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Constantine vs Discipleship

About ten years ago, there was a trend to wear bracelets with ‘WWJD’ embroidered on them.  The purpose was to provoke the wearer to ask the question, in every situation they faced, ‘what would Jesus do?’

The Western Church is going through a shaking.  The worldwide pandemic is causing church attendance to drop and financial giving to plummet. People are asking questions about the purpose of Sunday Church and whether it’s a necessary part of being a believer. Churches are scrambling around trying to continue the old wineskin of the attractional model, producing live stream services to keep up membership numbers. People are praying for us to get back to ‘normal,’ but in this season of shifting, hardship, and transition, we need to look at the bracelet and ask the question, ‘what would Jesus do?’

What if Jesus never intended the church to be the wineskin it has become? Most of the church has operated as an attractional paradigm for the last 1600 years. That same paradigm pays a few trained people to be the priests, who are perceived as the experts, unfortunately, creating a passive, weak body that sits in a pew each week, paying their tithe and expecting the paid professionals to do the job of ministry. For most of us, it’s the only model we have ever known, and even with those who have pure and godly motives in it, it creates an unhealthy anemic Bride. 

We know that Jesus was the exact representation of the Father. Jesus models to us the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. He showed us that heaven has a different wineskin in mind when it thinks about the Body of Christ. The culture He created when He was incarnated was one of family, discipleship, and life-on-life interaction with His disciples. He did speak to the crowds, but the majority of His time was spent on the twelve, and even within that, the three. His investment into those people changed the world. It caused the church to be birthed and lives to be transformed. This is what the American church needs now, a reformation of the method in how to be the church. It needs a spirit-filled, passionate church where every member is equipped to be a priest in their home, workplace, and businesses.

Annwen Stone
Annwen Stone
Annwen Stone is a Brit living in America. She is married to Andy and has three teenage children, two dogs, and loves to run and walk daily with Jesus to help her stay sane.

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