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Connecting Through Discernment

Walking with God in His way is a journey. His ways are truly not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts. My journey with God and discernment has been a bit rocky. I have been someone who is very critical of myself. If you can relate, you may have noticed that your perspective of yourself also affects how you view others. In the past, when I picked up on things spiritually, I would jump to conclusions and not take much time to hear what the Father wanted to show me. Several years ago, I found myself with all kinds of critical thoughts toward myself and others. I began to surrender my judgmental thoughts to God, inviting Him into what I deemed as one of my nastiest habits. In doing so, I was able to see Him more and more – a God who was not half as critical as I thought.

Not long ago, I began to discern something that seemed to have nothing to do with me. I pushed what I was seeing aside, decided there wasn’t much value to it, and didn’t spend time asking the Father about it. Later, I learned that I had indeed discerned something bigger than I thought. After reflecting on this experience, I realized that I don’t think I missed something I needed to act on as much as I think I missed an invitation from the Father. I pushed aside what He was showing me and missed the opportunity to participate with His heart through the situation.

I am learning that there is an invitation attached to discernment. Will I bring what I’m seeing to Him and do what He says with it? Discernment is a gift that can so often bring pride, but will I allow it to produce humility in me?

I want to humble myself with what I think I see and truly get His perspective. I want His heart not to just “correct or restore” something, but to tarry with that person or situation however the Father wants. He is not trying to “fix us” but wants to connect with us in all our brokenness for true healing. I want that in my own heart. When I discern things in others, I also want to long for that connection for them. May we be ones who long for true connection with Him and walk out the journey with others.

Courtney Culpepper
Courtney Culpepper
Courtney loves an open field and a space to be quiet. She enjoys a good road trip with her husband, Daniel. They adventure often. She’s a collector of velvet chairs and lover of nature.

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