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A Poem About Eve


God’s image in female form

Nurturing and kind 

Compassionate and Strong



Cursed, blamed, and oppressed 

Crushed, silenced, and hidden 

Time to return to the original intent 


Woman truly defined 

Daughter of the king 

Made to rule and reign

Creative and fruitful

Knows no shame

Pray this with me:

Father, Eden is your heart for me. Thank you, Jesus, that after the fall, you made a way back to Eden for me. Help me, Holy Spirit, to believe these truths about myself.

Questions to Journal:

  1. What perspective do you see yourself from? Who God has now called you through Jesus, or who Eve identified with after the fall?
  2. What is the hardest line of the last paragraph for you to believe? Why?
Annwen Stone
Annwen Stone
Annwen Stone is a Brit living in America. She is married to Andy and has three teenage children, two dogs, and loves to run and walk daily with Jesus to help her stay sane.

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